Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

“Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations”

I welcome you into this new and exciting world. Every child is endowed with creativity and inborn talent. I invite you to write your own story and decorate it with the brightest pictures, the happiest moments, the strongest friendships, the most vibrant experiences and the most enduring learning.
In RJ Happy Hours we provide our Tiny Tots world class education which is more than reading, writing and speaking. As you take the first steps into your new school, you may become strong, wise, knowledgeable, independent, and refined.

For the development of our Tiny Tots we introduce new way of learning from all around the world. I feel proud to announce that, in this session we are started with many new concepts like Immersion concept of learning new language, Number of the day, Abacus, Theme base learning, creative and updated Assembly, weekly Yoga day, activity base learning, Home Reading Books concept, Field trips, indoor & outdoor games, AV room and so on, to considering over all development of tiny tots.

Today, the role of a school is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and productive members of an ever-changing global society.

The parents are the most strengthening power in molding the future of children. Their consistent support empowers us to do more and more. I pay my gratitude to them for their faith in us. I am confident enough that our school will make themselves stronger day by day, adding a new leaf to the grandeur of the school.

We welcome you to RJ Happy Hours School campus to visit and become a part of learning and developing education system for your kid.

“Home away from Home”

Mrs. Yogita Katoch
RJ Happy Hours School

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