Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

My Dear Students & Parents,
At the outset, let me congratulate parents of our school, for their kind patronage to the management and entire staff of the school. We have entered in our 3rd academic session 2016-17 and there is a long way to go. I am overwhelmed by the reports I am getting about our school and it gives me immense pleasure to hear it. RJIS is already positioned in the cluster of renowned ICSE schools in the city and today, it is one of the most sought after schools. The year 2015-16 has been very encouraging and we have made many significant achievements on all fronts, the glimpses you will get to see as you explore this wonderful website of ours. Hats off to our RJians..!!!

The school is fully focused on its core objective of imparting academic excellence of international standards. At the same time, we wish to inculcate the values, life-skills along with great culture and traditions of our country. The school aims to transform the students into global citizens of our nation.

In today’s competitive arena, we ensure that our students do not lag behind and they walk with their head straight, full of confidence and zeal. We ensure developing them academically, emotionally and physically strong. For making this possible, we are always on our toes to sharpen our tools. Adopting latest technologies, and periodic staff enrichment programme for the faculties to keep them abreast of the prevailing trend helps in achieving our objectives.

Every child is unique and our team at RJIS identifies their innate talent and encourages them to achieve excellence in it. We provide, these bundle of talents, the required equipments and the platform to perform their best. The generation-N is smart enough to cope with this technologically advancing smart world. But at the same time we should always ensure that we are not putting too much of burden and stress on them. The parents should spend quality time to interact with them, rather than letting them stick to electronic gadgets. We should also not impose our un-chased dreams or ambitions on children. Let them fulfill their own dreams, and not ours..! We should support and guide them to choose whatever they like and wish to pursue in their lives. Letting them do whatever they want, they will do it passionately and devotedly. Let’s not compare them with other children and feel them down.

Mr. Raghvendra Joshi

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